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"Love is not always expressed through
quantity of communication; 
rather, it
is ethereal.
 Beyond the bounds of the
 Love becomes eternal."
"Forever your son"

-Vinod Nagubadi,1976-2005
2001 Mother's Day


Vinod Nagubadi

"One may not consider 28 years of life enough to be “seasoned”, but my trials and tribulations up to this point have created an inner fire to improve the health and general welfare of both individuals as well as the community at large. This would be intrinsically rewarding, even without an understanding of my own personal life history." - Vinod Nagubadi, 2005

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 Vinod Nagubadi, forever remembered and loved by his family and friends.  He was loving, bright, funny and a good human being.  Thank you for visiting this page.  Please sign the guest book and stay tuned for more updates on memories and projects.

While we are gathering these memories, we may occasionally share family videos and pictures,  such as the ones below.  With love,

Vinod's parents and sisters Nitha and Hashi. 

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